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Lightworkers Live

Apr 17, 2022

How to look back & witness your past without all the emotions of sadness or a sense of loss. 

As a human, as a spiritual being how do you move from your past into the present without the constant emotions of sadness and sense of loss?

When you start finding what works for you. 

When you start healing and...

Feb 27, 2022

Being a medium can be a lot of ups and downs, fear, doubt, self-worth. Once you start building your confidence and trust in spirit amazing things shift in your life. 

Kirstie is a Psychic Medium. She helps with your life path and connects you to your loved ones that have passed.  

Holly is a Growth Coach, Intuitive...

Jan 30, 2022

Being open to what spirit brings can be life-changing. We dish on the hilarious experiences with Galactic beings, Light Language Activations for Fear and Love and talking about being star seeds and how we each use our connection to spirit in similar but different ways. 

Michelle is an Author, Master Reiki practitioner,...

Dec 7, 2021

Understanding spirit, discernment, protection, other people’s energy ways to gain clarity, and what to do in your life and spiritual journey.  

Lisa  - Angelic Soul Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Spirit Reading, and Medical Medium

Kristal  - Psychic Medium, Reiki Master...

Sep 12, 2021

Spirit can hit hard and fast. We might be slightly aware but once we step into the embodiment your life can change. Listen in as we talk about how spirit helps us every day.


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